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Established in 1983, Koval Williamson has successfully serviced and represented the Western United States for over 35 years. Our unprecedented growth and success is directly linked to vision, professionalism, anticipating opportunity, knowledge, relationships and diversity.

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It has been our pleasure to work with Koval Williamson for over eight years. They offer comprehensive coverage of all accounts in the Western United States. Second. KW offers both expertise and excellence in representing our company and brand. KW is a true partner in growing our business. They take it as seriously as we do and care about it as much. Finally, the personal relationships we have developed over the years are extremely important and valuable for us. It is both more fun and far more effective.
Daniel Wright
Thank you for one of the most memorable days of my career. Since our partnership began, you have inspired me to focus on the bigger picture, together we saw our efforts come full circle. Sharing with the grocery retailer our promotional success with CPG’s, presenting a clearly defined buying program and having them respond in such a significant fashion was humbling. None of this could be possible without your account expertise and leadership. I am sincerely grateful for the dedication and respect that you have for the brand. On this trip, we experienced a journey that showed us how to “Discover what’s possible”.
Jane Quinn