Lev is a jet-setter of the highest order.  She came to Seattle by way of Kuwait and has 20 different breeds within her DNA including such natural combinations as Pit Bull, German Shepard, Chihuahua, and Liberian Street dog.  All true.

When she is not gnawing on furniture, securing the perimeter or on constant vigilance for the inevitable squirrel attack she likes to kick back and watch Homeward Bound, Paw Patrol or countless Disney movies.  She too is confused why Goofy wore clothes but Pluto was just left out in the cold.

Her favorite food is “anything that moves” and she loves listening to 3 Dog Night.  But she is primarily focused on her dream breaking into sales or accounting for Koval Williamson.  The only thing holding her back from her dream of becoming Executive Vice President of our canine division is her lack of thumbs.

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