Kroger operates five regional general merchandise distribution centers across the nation.

Koval Williamson works to introduce, customize, and create a greater presence for your product through our relationships, experience, and initiative to take the lead in all of Kroger and Fred Meyer GM categories. Along with our experience and influence we work to optimize your shelf space, offer creative solutions to increase sales, and secure promotional opportunities to increase your business. 

Our Kroger team consists of eight knowledgeable and experienced sales representatives specializing in category management along with five unparalleled support staff members. All of who strive to develop and execute customized business plans for our vendors. We have a long-standing relationship of over 35 years with Fred Meyer and over 13 years of business success with Kroger directly. In addition, we have a dedicated Kroger Analyst that understands the importance of planogram development, space management, and is able to thoroughly evaluate current sales trends. This allows us to identify ideal product placement, missed sales opportunities, and to customize or optimize sales plans in order to collaborate with our vendors to execute and ensure the most profitable outcomes.  

Our Oregon office is conveniently located less than 10 miles from the heart of downtown Portland and the Kroger/Fred Meyer Headquarters. Our office features 2 planogram showrooms and conference room for our buyers and vendors convenience. 

Services We Provide:

Sales & Marketing 

  • Category review preparation
  • Close relationships with Kroger GM decision makers
  • Cross merchandising
  • Firsthand knowledge of the reset process
  • Insight and guidance on current requirements and trends
  • New product launch strategies
  • Private label coordination
  • Proficiency with Kroger vendor item portal (VIP) for item set up and maintenance
  • Promotional planning
    and implementation


  • Access to planograms - seasonal and sales plans
  • Category and product analytics in the marketplace
  • Data integrity
  • Experienced with market 6 reporting
  • Forecasting and POS analysis
  • Opportunity gap analysis
  • SKU rationalization
  • Schematic design and re-set coordination

Customer Service 

  • Deduction processing and resolutions
  • Direct import guidance
  • EDI coordination
  • Invoicing and billing resolutions
  • Price discrepancy resolutions
  • Purchase order tracking/shipping information
  • Return authorizations

Our Kroger Team:

  • Ryan Verne
  • Lisa Hayhurst
  • Mark Brown
  • Brad Kleser
  • Kayla Sakraida-Arent
  • Erin Neuhauser
  • Sheila Luck
  • Michael Stadler
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