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Jerry’s Home Improvement is a 2 store DIY hardware chain based in Eugene, OR. After opening their first 5000 sq. ft. store in 1961 with only 2 employees, they have undergone multiple remodels and expansions. In November of 1996, Jerry’s moved into their current 350,000 sq. ft. flagship store, and they now have hundreds of employees. After many customer requests, and wanting to provide two convenient locations, Jerry’s opened a second store in January 2003 in Springfield to better serve their loyal customers. KW has had an ongoing relationship with the Jerry’s buyers since the mid-1990s. 


Services We Provide:  

  • Knowledgeable Sales Representatives that are in regular contact with the Jerry’s buying team 
  • POG studies and recommendations 
  • New store set up 
  • Order entry and order tracking 
  • Set up of new items and vendor worksheets   


Our Jerry’s Home Improvement Team:  

  • Ryan Verne 
  • Scott Hayhurst 
  • ‍Sheila Luck
  • Lydia Bohon
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