Retail chain with headquarters in Eugene, OR

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Bi-Mart has 77 locations in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho…. with plans of opening an additional three stores in 2018, and two more in 2019.  Bi-Mart is employee-owned. They are a Membership Retailer where a $5.00 one-time fee gets you a lifetime membership that enables you to enjoy savings on over 40,000+ everyday items in all of the Bi-Mart locations. Koval Williamson has enjoyed a 35+ year working and personal relationship with Bi-Mart.

Services We Provide: 

  • Knowledgeable Sales Representatives that are in constant contact with the Bi-Mart buying teams 
  • Multiple weekly face to face meetings with the Bi-Mart buying teams 
  • Forecasting and product demand insights 
  • Consumer and shopper insights 
  • POG studies and recommendations 
  • Order entry and order tracking 
  • Set up of new items, vendor worksheets and vendor agreements
  • Direct import and landed costs worksheets

Our Bi-Mart Team: 

  • Ryan Verne 
  • Jeff Iverson 
  • Brad Kleser 
  • Lisa Hayhurst 
  • Don Scorgie 
  • Ryan Gilbert
  • Lydia Bohon
  • Samie Gilbert
  • Carissa Chaney
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