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Koval Williamson has been working with since 1999, and as they’ve grown over the years, we too have evolved to keep up with every need Amazon and our factory partners require in order to be successful. Our expert Amazon team is solely dedicated to continually learning and mastering every aspect of Amazon’s selling platforms. Members of our team frequently visit the Amazon campus ensuring we have the latest information and techniques that maximize our ability to strategize and execute the most effective program possible for our partners. We have the tools, knowledge, dedication and passion to grow your brand and consistently increase sales.  

Services We Provide: 

Full Marketplace Management

  • Vendor Central 
  • Seller Central 
  • Hybrid approach using both portals 


  • New item setups 
  • Catalog updates and overhauls 
  • Image and video uploads 
  • Building enhanced content with A+ pages  
  • Packaging certification assistance 


  • Sales reports 
  • Demand planning and forecasts 
  • Promotional performance reports 
  • Operational performance reports  
  • Large volume web-scraping services
  • Category analysis for future product development


  • Purchase order errors 
  • Routing requests support 
  • Solving errors due to EDI discrepancies 
  • Chargeback avoidance 
  • Invoicing audits POD claim submissions 
  • Reverse unauthorized, & unwarranted deductions 
  • Warehouse closure notifications 



  • Negotiation of vendor terms 
  • Negotiation of cost increases 
  • Solving Andon Cord notifications 

Our Amazon Team:

  • Scott Dustin
  • Bianca Bryant
  • Chris Williamson
  • Gretchen Spencer
  • Jaclyn Few
  • Jason Davis
  • Patrick Jones
  • Zach Bacik
  • Riley Stewart
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