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Our mission is to be the best Retail Consultant / Manufacturer’s Representative Agency serving the Northwest, California, Alaska, and International territories. We strive to achieve that goal by investing in quality sales staff, hiring outstanding sales administrative assistants, emphasizing the excellence of our overall support staff, and forging solid relationships with partners, brands and clients. At Koval~Williamson, we embrace doing business with integrity, foresight and efficiency…continually bringing our clients and brands the absolute best possible services.


Koval~Williamson is a full-service manufacturer's agency specializing in all sales aspects, from production to retail shelf. We stand out from the rest because we are dedicated to superior sales support, backed by knowledgeable, capable and outstanding administrative assistance.

Established in 1983, Koval~Williamson has successfully serviced and represented the Western United States for over 30 years. Our unprecedented growth and success is directly linked to vision, professionalism, anticipating opportunity, knowledge, relationships and diversity.


Our foundation is the people that make up our entire team, coupled with the relationships we have forged with our brands and clients. In addition to being a dynamic Marketing, Sales and Manufacturer's Representative Agency, Koval~Williamson specializes in Customer Service, Store Services, Forecasting, Manufacturer's Consulting and Business Administration. At Koval~Williamson, we embrace doing business with integrity, foresight and efficiency, continually bringing our clients and brands the absolute best possible services.


Without question our team is the most experienced, informed, and capable Sales and Administration Staff in the Western United States today. Dedication to product knowledge, factory/account relationships, product training and customer service are key emphasis that Koval~Williamson adds to the value equation.


Koval~Williamson anticipates opportunities, and envisions fulfilled sales, using consistent and proven sales methods, customer service, timely logistics and by maintaining effective factory-to-customer rapport.


Depth of knowledge is another highly valued asset that Koval~Williamson brings to our partners. Our team has an unsurpassed combined experience pool to exceed our partner’s expectations. When you contract with us, you gain instant access to this valuable business asset.


If products, quality, pricing, product knowledge, customer service and/or value are basically all equal…a buyer will always purchase from those with whom they have experience, someone on whom they can rely. Many of our account executives have either spent their entire 30+ year careers at Koval~Williamson, or have split their career between Koval~Williamson and the customers they currently serve. When you contract with Koval~Williamson our combined wealth of knowledge is immediately available to add value to your business.


Koval~Williamson maintains a diverse customer base and product mix, devoting equal emphasis to small and large customers alike. We believe in treating all customers with superior sales coverage, respect and customer service. For example, when our company was formed, accounts such as Costco and Amazon were not yet in business. Fast forward a few years…we took them very seriously when they were in start-up mode. Now Costco and Amazon are our largest customers, and we are one of their largest manufacturers’ consultants.

Our Primary Services

Koval~Williamson Agency’s primary business is sales, customer service and consulting services.

On the subject of Consulting Services, some brands prefer to manage their sales and customer service internally. However dealing with complex and unique customers such as Amazon, Costco, Kroger, Fred Meyer and William Sonoma can be difficult, confusing and miscues are costly. Windows of opportunity are frequently missed by principals that are not dealing with customers on a daily basis. For these reasons many manufacturers require local and experienced assistance. K~W has this customer and market specific knowledge.

Our 60+ employees have a combined West Coast business experience of over 500 years.
Our sales and customer service staff includes former factory sales managers, former regional buyers and store managers.

Our largest customers (Costco & Amazon) were not in business when Koval~Williamson was formed over 30 years ago. We can accurately say “we grew up with our retailers”.

Please contact ANY K~W principal or VP for further information.

Product Categories

Representing manufactures in consumer products, Koval~Williamson is a full service manufacturer’s representative dedicated to servicing the needs of the manufacturers and the accounts. A key aspect of excellent representation is the diversity in the categories of products that we represent. The diversity in relationships provides Koval~Williamson a significant advantage as buyers move from one category to another.

Koval~Williamson represents major manufacturers within these categories:

  • FOOD
  • PET

Market Area

Covering the Market – Our relationships are broad based and solid with accounts throughout the marketplace, because we professionally service our factories and customers. We accomplish this by successfully expanding into other markets outside of the Pacific Northwest. Our qualified and experienced personnel know the market and our customers and are continually working to find new avenues of business. We have dedicated and professional people that team with the factory and retailer to make the consumer experience the best available. With over 30 years in the business Koval~Williamson knows how to market your products, we don’t sit back and wonder what happened, we make things happen!

We looked at marketing agencies in other areas that would fit our style and philosophy. Thereafter, we would either incorporate them into Koval~Williamson, or establish an affiliation to service the market. As a result, we have full service offices on the entire western seaboard.

Our Accounts

Wholesale Clubs

Koval~Williamson has been a pioneer with this class of trade since 1983. Today Costco and all the divisions of Costco are some of our largest customers and we also manage manufacturers at Cost U Less (headquartered in Bellevue, WA) and PriceSmart (San Diego, CA). Additionally we conduct Sam’s Club business (with a sister organization based in Arkansas). We manage business with ever growing e-commerce divisions with each of these accounts. Our strengths are our diversity in category coverage, experience with this class of trade and our relationships that date back to 1983. With each of these Club partners we assign a team of sales professionals along with a focused customer service and administrative support team.


Koval-Williamson recognized early on the importance that e-commerce would play in the retail marketplace. In 1997 we started a new business development team solely focused on the e-commerce channel. Being based out of Seattle during the early dot-com frenzy, helped us to understand and develop winning strategies in an ever changing e-commerce world. Today, Amazon.com is our company’s largest and fastest growing account. We have a dedicated team of 9 people that handle Amazon.com alone. We were one of the very first general merchandise companies to get our factories products listed on Amazon in 1999 when they first announced that they would expand into more than just books, music, and media. Today, our executive account reps that handle Amazon have an average of 10 years selling experience to Amazon. We are the experts in all things Amazon. However, we don’t just stop with Amazon. We have also been very successful with Costco.com, Walmart.com, Drugstore.com, Zullily.com and Zappos.com just to name a few. We currently call on over 20 e-commerce companies in our region and have seen amazing growth in this category. We recognize the continued growth in this segment and allocate resources to keep up with the growth. We now have over 12 full time administrative assistants that all touch this channel of sales. Koval-Williamson can help your company formulate the winning game plan to market and sell your products online effectively.

Mass Merchants

Fred Meyer/Kroger and Bi Mart are two of the largest accounts within this category that we manage. Many other Western Mass Merchant chains have disappeared due to the consolidation of retailers and the expansion of Wal-Mart and Target. However we continue to experience sales increases each year with these large customers. Our line diversity is key to our success. As buyers move from one department to another…they will always find a Koval~Williamson teammate selling to each department. Because we can marry relationships with buyers we seldom lose sales traction as category buying changes occur. Team coverage is another factor with these large merchants. Some of our teammates previously worked for these customers as buyers and some have called on them for over a decade.

Hardware & Home Improvement Chains

Koval~Williamson grew with this class of trade from day one of our beginning. Ernst, Pay-n-Pak, Eagle and Home Depot, these were the major accounts that we grew with (and subsequently watched leave our territory). We recognized early on that success would only come from also focusing on the regional accounts, distributors and e-com customers that are based here in the west. We are fortunate to have a strong foundation of accounts that fall within this arena throughout the Western United States. Our knowledge in hand / power tools, lawn / garden, electrical, plumbing, housewares, and seasonal outdoor living places Koval-Williamson as valuable partner with our independent, chain and distributor customers

Premium Incentive Division

Mission-Koval-Williamson’s Premium Incentive Division has developed strong partnerships with some of the best known brands in the market. We provide our customers with options to help them gain attention, cut through the clutter, as well as get their message heard with reward and recognition.

Our goal is to be the top Retail and Premium Incentive sales consultant/manufacturer’s representative serving the Northwest, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Northern California. Forging solid relationships with partners, brands and clients, allows us to bring the absolute best possible services while doing business with integrity, foresight and efficiency. We invest in a superior sales staff and a remarkable administrative support team that is the power behind our success and the catalyst that will drive your business.


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